Your Mobile App has the ability to combine both automatic content feeds, as well as manually added content. While the automatic feeds ensure your Mobile App is always up to date, adding exclusive content for your fans can help to encourage installations. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to reward your Superfans for their loyalty and increase their engagement.

As we get some brand new Estimote Beacons provisioned for one of our bands to deploy at an upcoming live-music event (more on that to come), we thought we might quickly answer a common question we get asked; What does a Beacon look like?

Our Beacons are manufactured by Estimote, and can be deployed night after night in different venues.  Setting up beacons within a venue generally takes as little as 30 minutes.

beacons ( is a mobile startup that works with bands like City and Colour, The Tragically Hip, Hedley, The Goo Goo Dolls, Tegan and Sara and LIGHTS to power their Official Mobile Apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

As we continue to build out some pretty awesome tools to help bands engage and monetize their fanbase on mobile, we are looking to add an Intermediate PHP Developer to our full-time team here in Toronto.

We need a developer that’s comfortable in all aspects of PHP development and can show us examples of their work on live websites we can play with.

Experience required in PHP5+, JavaScript, HTML5, and MySQL, with particular emphasis on PHP5+.

Bonus points if you’ve got experience in jQuery, AngularJS, CakePHP, Objective-C or Java.

Salary to be dependent on experience and background.

Think you might be the PHP Developer we are looking for?  Please send us a couple links to things you’ve built that we can play with, along with your CV. (

To get a better idea of the kind of tools we are building for artists, check out what The Washington Post had to say about; taps the power of beacons to enrich the concert experience


Yesterday brought us the release by Apple of iOS 8, an update everyone here at has long been excited for.  (TechCrunch: iOS 8 Available Today)

With it’s introduction of a myriad of new functions and features, you’ll soon be seeing many of these leveraged within artist apps powered by (more on that to come..).

Short term though, we’ve already updated all artist apps powered by to support fans on iOS 8.  These updates are already live and available in the Apple App Store.

If you or your fans are using iOS 8, we’ve got you covered!


Over the past two weeks, City and Colour fans at sold-out stadium shows in Toronto, Edmonton, and Calgary got a taste of the future as, Dine Alone Records, and City and Colour deployed a music-industry first usage of iBeacons in a stadium tour setting.

Upon arriving at the night’s venue, fans were instructed to install the free official “City and Colour Live” mobile app by visiting on their iPhone or Android device.

While the official app serves full-time as a means for fans worldwide to stay up to date on City and Colour, the app really comes-to-life when a fan happens to be at a City and Colour show where iBeacons have been deployed.

On concert night, as fans move around the venue, with the app installed and Bluetooth enabled, they automatically get the chance to win real things based on where they are in the venue and when.

So a fan who’s sitting in the worst possible seats 20 minutes before City and Colour, might get an alert through the official app that they’ve just been upgraded to seats in the front row. Another fan walking through the lobby, on the main floor, might at the same time win a signed poster or merch. Prizes and upgrades are made available to fans immediately.

In the case of City and Colour fans in Toronto, Edmonton, and Calgary, fans won everything from upgraded seating, and private box access, to signed posters and merchandise. One lucky fan at each night even went home with a guitar signed by Dallas Green himself.

Walking away with their loot in-hand, only minutes after they were notified in-app that they had just won, many fans broke down into tears trying to process what had just happened. Fans were quick to take to Twitter and Facebook to brag about their new-found winnings.

At the core of this pilot campaign is the platform, which enables musicians to create engaging iPhone, Android and BlackBerry apps for fans. Leveraging’s built-in support for iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy technology, musicians can now, for the first time, interact and engage with fans based on where the fan is within a venue. Toronto, Edmonton, and Calgary’s pilot deployments were just a taste of what’s to come for fans at live music concerts based on the technology.

Our beacons deployed in Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary were manufactured by Estimote, its wireless Bluetooth Low Energy beacons communicate with official powered apps installed on a fans mobile device, as fans move around the venue on concert night.’s iBeacon experience will be rolled out with other touring artists in the coming weeks, enabling fans worldwide to join-in anytime an artist enables and iBeacons at their concerts.

Some artists with official mobile apps powered by include Tegan and Sara, Hedley, The Goo Goo Dolls, and Lights among others.


Heartbleed Bug

Posted by John Alsop | Updates

There’s been a lot of publicity recently about a serious bug in SSL, the technology used to encrypt web sessions on the Internet.

We’ve made all the necessary changes to our systems to deal with this problem, so no worries.

As a general practice though, we do recommend that you change your password from time to time.

We’d like to offer our congratulations to all the winners at the Juno Awards held in Winnipeg this past week.

We’re especially proud that two of the winners, Tegan and Sara, and The Sheepdogs, chose our platform to release their official mobile apps.

You can download them here:

Tegan and Sara

The Sheepdogs