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Your Mobile App has the ability to combine both automatic content feeds, as well as manually added content. While the automatic feeds ensure your Mobile App is always up to date, adding exclusive content for your fans can help to encourage installations. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to reward your Superfans for their loyalty and increase their engagement.

Add a News Post

1. Under App Content > News, click on the “+ Post News” button.

2. Add your title and content. To include an image or YouTube video, include the direct URL and the system will automatically insert it. 

3. Choose whether or not you wish to Push Notify your fans via the checkbox at the bottom. If selected, fans will receive a Soft Push Notification. 

4. Hit “Post”.

Add an Event

1. Under App Contents > Events, click on the “+ Post Event” button.

2. Add Event Info.

3. Choose whether or not you wish to Push Notify your fans via the checkbox at the bottom. If selected, fans near the event will receive a Hard Push Notification within 15-20 minutes. 

4. Hit “Post”.

Add a Song

1. Under App Contents > Songs, click on the “Select .MP3 file to post” button.

2. Choose file from your computer.

3. Hit “Post”. Fans will receive a Hard Push Notification. 

Add a Video

1. Upload your video to Youtube, and set as “Unlisted”.

2. Contact us to manually disable sharing if you don’t want your app users to share with their friends. If you want them to share, skip to number 3.

3. In your Dashboard Under, go to App Contents > Videos, click on the “+Post Video” button. Fans will receive a Soft Push Notification. 

What’s the difference between a Hard or Soft Push Notification?

A Soft Push Notification will display silently, and then remain in the Notifications Menu until it’s clicked on or cleared. 

A Hard Push Notification will display a notification, along with with an alert sound (or vibration, depending on the fan’s settings).

Adding Automatic Feeds

Automatic feeds help keep your App up to date, so there’s always new content when a user opens your App.

1. You can update or add additional feeds for RSS, Facebook or Instagram under App Content > News. 

Remember, you can customize how users are notified about new content.

2. Twitter can be updated under App Content > Twitter, and has some additional settings.

In addition to your official Twitter feed, you can pull in tweets from hashtags, twitter handles, and keywords that you choose. You also have the option to filter out tweets containing profanity,  and negative or irrelevant keywords.

3. Events are added from BandsInTown, Songkick or a JSON feed – or you can turn these off and add new tour dates manually.

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