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As Facebook keeps changing their NewsFeed algorithm, remember that your Facebook posts will continue to reach your fans on their mobile devices, just as they always have.

You can choose how those posts are delivered, by logging into your Account Dashboard


Updating your Facebook settings

1. Log in to the Dashboard at

2. Choose App Content, then News from the top dropdown menu.

3. Choose Facebook.

4. Your current settings will appear at the bottom. To update them, delete your current feed and re-add it under Official Facebook URL. Then choose the frequency that users will receive a notification.


Setting the frequency of your Facebook Notifications

Finding a balance will depend on the type of content you’re posting and what type of relationship you have with your fans.

As it happens For artists whose Facebook posts are infrequent and typically only feature major news.  Notification Sent: Within approximately 15 minutes

Once or twice per day For artists who are loading content a few times a week around a project or event – if you’re recording a new album or are out on tour. This works best if you invite your fans to follow along with you for a limited time period. Notification Sent: Around 5:00pm EST (and 9:00am EST if choosing the twice per day option).

Once or twice per week For artists who don’t have specific news to share, but want to remain on their fans’ radar on a weekly basis. Notification Sent: Around 2:00pm EST every Wednesday (and Friday if choosing the twice per week option).

Never For artists who want to keep their Mobile App up to date, but are also manually posting news or have notifications set for other news sources. Your Facebook posts will continue to be ingested into your News tab, but users won’t receive a notification.

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What notifications look like in action

Users receive a Soft Push Notification for Facebook updates. This means the notification will display silently, and then remain in the Notifications Menu until it’s clicked on or cleared. 

A Hard Push Notification will display a notification, along with with an alert sound (or vibration, depending on the fan’s settings). Hard Pushes are sent when a new song or album is added, when a News post is manually added, or when an Event is added near the fan.

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