Your Mobile App has the ability to combine both automatic content feeds, as well as manually added content. While the automatic feeds ensure your Mobile App is always up to date, adding exclusive content for your fans can help to encourage installations. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to reward your Superfans for their loyalty and increase their engagement.

Adding an official app to your arsenal of communication channels might be an easy choice for you as an artist – it’s a direct connection to your most active supporters. But what’s in it for your fans?

We’ve compiled the top three reasons fans are downloading our artists’ official mobile apps:

#1. To keep it all in one place

Like your fans, you’re active across multiple platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your own blog or website, and probably more. By downloading your official app, your fans can access it all in a single place through one simple touch of their home screen.

Tegan and Sara Official App

#2. To be an insider

When your fans install your app, they know they won’t miss an important announcement again. Now they’ll receive a notification directly to their phone.

But in our experience, what they’re really hoping for is to be a part of your inner circle. So go ahead and hint at new music and tours through your app – then offer exclusives that they can’t get anywhere else.

Courage My Love Official App

#3. To gain access to offline experiences

Your app is an easy way to amp up the things you’re already doing. Connect you to your fan community in person and reward your most loyal fans through your app with things like:

  • Tour pre-sales or VIP tickets
  • In-venue giveaways (anything from signed merch, to seat upgrades, or a meet and greet)
  • Post-show merch offers

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The bottom line is, your fans install your mobile app because they want stay connected. They’ve given you the most direct line into their lives (short of inviting you over for dinner!). How you communicate with them will depend on your own personal style and the projects you’re working on, but know that your app has you well on your way to maintaining a strong connection to your most loyal audience.

Our apps are simple and easy to build, even if you’re not a tech-nerd. Try it for yourself here.